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68 Station Rd, Llanelli. Carms. SA15 1AN
Tel 01554 777887
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Ken McDermott  BA (Hons) PHOTOGRAPHY
One Day Studio Lighting Tutorial
In an Atmospherically Lit
Boudoir Style
Group of 4 photographers  £75.00 each

One to One Tutorial day      £199.00

The price includes the hire of a model who will work up to
art nude level.
Our one day courses are designed for photographers who want to be able to create
atmospherically lit portraiture in the boudoir and a tasteful nude genre.
Our tutorials are aimed at people with varying levels of photographic skills, from novices to a
photographer at any level but just isn't quite sure about this kind of lighting.

The day's itinerary is as follows.

1) Creating the set  This involves setting up the backgrounds and props and calculating the
shooting angles to understand what will be visible in the resulting photographs.

Lighting  Setting up the basic lighting for the shoot. More lighting is introduced as the shoot and
tutorial progresses.

Settings  A discussion on light settings, meter readings and camera settings. These settings are
varied throughout the shooting process because of the changes made to the position of the
lighting as well as the introduction of more of it.

The shoot itself  This is where we introduce a model into the proceedings and is the part where
you are able to put your newly  acquired photography and lighting skills to use.
Throughout this process you will be able to direct the model yourself so that you can inject some of
your own personal creativity into the shoot. There are lighting and costume changes throughout
the shoot.  The lighting for the next sequence is discussed whilst the model is changing.

n.b. In the case of where there are multiple photographers on the tutorial , then each of the
photographers take it in turns to shoot the model. I don't encourage a free for all.  

After the shoot   At this point we spend time on discussing efficient work flow practices in
Photoshop and where we digitally manipulate a photographs to its full glory. This involves
airbrushing, skin smoothing, weight loss (Don't mention that bit to the model)  and other various
digital skulduggery to enhance the particular picture that we are editing for the demonstration.

Free Refreshments  Tea, coffee and a range of sandwiches (including bacon sarnies) are available
all day, together with a special home made Welsh cake called Bara Brith, which my wife makes.
Booking Dates
The group tutorial are booked on the first
Saturday of each month  If you would like to
attend or just ask some questions then please
do not hesitate to contact me.
One to One tutorials can be booked on a mutually
convenient day.