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The photographic work of
Ken McDermott  BA (Hons) PHOTOGRAPHY
Copyright © Ken McDermott
The Narrative Photograph or quite simply a
picture that tells a story is an opportunity
for you to enact, or to be who or whatever
you want and capture your self in a dream
or a story that you would love to be
pictured in. Is it something you would like
but never had the means of ever achieving
it? Well now it is achievable and with digital
technology, it is far less expensive than it
has ever been in the past.

If you would like to enact a scene that tells
a story through a  photograph or a series
of photographs then a Narrative shoot is
an ideal way of being able to achieve a
once in a lifetime look.
These Narrative shoots can be as simple or
as elaborate as you like. Your imagination
is the limit.

The price of Narrative photography varies
considerably due to everyone's own special
requirements.  Therefore each project has
to be calculated and priced individually.
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Narrative Photography