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The photographic work of
Ken McDermott  BA (Hons) PHOTOGRAPHY
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Your portrait is such an important
photograph. When your family or friends
really like? Most people don't like any of
them, but then once in a blue moon they
will see one they really like.

What sets that one apart from all of the
others? I wish I knew because if I did I
would be on a beach on some tropical
island somewhere instead of creating
this website. That is a magic that I don't

But what I do have are a special set of
skills which allow me to create exactly
the right atmospheric look to produce
something pretty close to that picture. I
can light you in the most flattering way
to suit your features and I can also angle
the camera in a way to alleviate or
emphasise your features to their best
advantage. It is the science behind
producing something similar to what your
friend or relative managed to do by
In essence, having good equipment isn't
enough. Knowledge is important and of
course, in the case of your friend or
relative, luck. But I can't rely on luck.