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68 Station Rd, Llanelli. Carms. SA15 1AN
Tel 01554 777887
The photographic work of
Ken McDermott  BA (Hons) PHOTOGRAPHY
The studio is available for hire to anyone
needing some studio space, it doesn't
make any difference if you are a complete
novice or a seasoned professional, I can
help you.

If you are a beginner or you are not sure
about how to adapt studio lighting to suit
your requirements then I can help you
with some guidance for setting the
lighting. If you want me to just set it all up
for you so that you do not have to, then
that isn't a problem either.

The fee for hiring the studio is £15.00 per
If you require guidance throughout your
shoot then the total price per hour will be

If you require a model to pose for your
studio work then I can help you to locate
I have one local model who has a very
reasonable rate and she is pictured

The banner below the picture links you to
a Nationwide network of photographic
studios that are available for hire, of
which we are a member.
Studio Hire
The basic studio equipment which is included
in the price is as follows.

Flash guns, snoots, soft boxes, reflectors,
barn doors, coloured gels and any other light
modifier which is available.
The paper background rolls are very easily to
soil or crease. For hiring purposes your paper
will be in pristine condition but if you mark or
crease it then that is charged for at the rate
of £10.00 per metre.

You can also hire a camera if you require one.
With a charge of £15.00 per session.

If you want to use the studio for product
photography then I can set the lighting for
you. However,  if you use the guidance price
fee in a bid to get cheap product
photography then it's not really advisable.
There is a lot more to product photography
than just pointing a camera at the bit you
want. For that you would be better placed to
opt for tuition.

The cheapest option for acceptable product
photography which looks like it has been
taken properly would be to get me to do it
for you.