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68 Station Rd, Llanelli. Carms. SA15 1AN
Tel 01554 777887
The photographic work of
Ken McDermott  BA (Hons) PHOTOGRAPHY
Copyright © Ken McDermott
What does it all mean?  Simply this...
You come here to the studio for your wedding photos instead of having all of your
pictures  taken throughout the day at the various places you have arranged for
your wedding.

It can take as little as 30 minutes to do, or as long as you like. That's up to you.

The rain and wind won't spoil the photos as they are all taken in the comfort of
our fully equipped studio. So no matter what happens with the weather, you are
safe with the knowledge that  those, very special photographs, are all covered
and taken care of.

We can accommodate the bridal party in small groups but we wouldn't be able to
manage a large number. For the main part this photographic service is more for
the special bridal photographs and very small groups because unfortunately, I
don't have enough room to accommodate a large number of guests.

But what I do have, are a special set of skills which allow me to create exactly
the right atmospheric look to produce some exceptional wedding photographs for
the bride and groom.

Please ensure that your wedding guests take as many snaps of your day as
possible,  because in these days of reportage wedding photography, they will be
able to cover most of  that for you anyway, as taking a thousand candid snaps of
the day seems to be the modern wedding photography style. For a small fee I
offer wedding photography tuition should any of them like some professional
Wedding Tuition

There is no special wedding premium to pay, we don't charge any extra just
because it is a wedding. The Studio Wedding prices are exactly the same as the
studio tariff that is in force on the date you book the wedding. However,
we do require a £25.00 non refundable deposit to secure the booking.
You owe it to yourself, you've gone to so much time, trouble and not to mention
expense, to look the best you have ever looked in your life, so why risk spoiling it all?
Come here and have some very calm and perfectly lit atmospheric photographs of
your very special day.

Why not make the most of it because in 50 years time your photographs will be all
you have left to remember it all by.

Easy parking close by, so need to be stressed out looking for parking spaces.

Another Option

It doesn't have to be on your wedding day, have your hair and make up done exactly
the same as you did for your wedding and have those special images done with
absolutely no stress whatsoever, you can take all day doing it. After all in a few years
time, a couple of days difference won't mean a thing. In America, it is normal
procedure to have your wedding photos done on a different day anyway.

And Another Thing

If you've already had your wedding photos done somewhere but they didn't work out
so well. Then get your dress back on, get your husband in his suit, get yourself down